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Imapon is made from a lot of organic citrus fruits including lime, yuzu,sudachi,daidai,navel orange, blood orange and other hand-pressed juices.

It also contains plum vinegar and this is a traditional Japanese seasoning that was produced during the process of making Japanese umeboshi sour plum pickles.

It contains antibacterial properties and can help to improve gut health and your immune system.

Ponzu is additive free, gluten free and vegan friendly without any added sweetness.

It is also full of UMAMI from Rishiri kombu from Hokkaido Japan.

Citrus Ponzu

200 Grams
  • Ingredients:

    organic fresh citrus juice, TAMARI soy sauce, organic brown rice vinegar, plum vinegar, RISHIRI kombu seaweed, celtic sea salt

    Contains : Soy


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