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Recipe 1


quick steamed vegetable with IMADORE(今ドレ)


any Vegetable of your choice 

boiling water 100cc 

a dash of olive oil 

a pinch of sea salt


1, cut some vegetables

2, heat the frying pan until hot,  then turn off the heat and set the vegetables in order of cooking time.

3, a splash of olive oil for 3 times over the vegetables and a sprinkling of sea salt.

4, pour boiling water into the frying pan then put the lid on for steaming.

5, ​​​​After a minute, add the leafy vegetables and cover again, then steam for 10 seconds.

6.Seal the lid tightly and steam for another 10 seconds. 

7after steaming, pour the IMADORE sauce over it and finish. Please enjoy it!!

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