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Hi, My name is Eiji. I am pleased to introduce myself and my products ‘Imammura sauce and dressing. 

I’m from Okayama, Japan and grew up with lots of fresh vegetables where my parents owned Japanese fermented pickles shop and vegetable shop. So I was always helping and tasting many different kinds of pickles since early childhood.

I have extensive experience in this field both in Australia and Japan for many years in the hospitality environment and I am working here in Sydney as chef and Sake sommelier.

I brought up and received full education in Japan, I obtained Bachelor's degree in agriculture upon graduating Meiji University. after graduation, I have worked and experimenting  as a researcher and developer of water purifiers at Secom Co. then moved into hospitality business and opened a bar in Yokohama, and later worked in Blue Note Tokyo,  Motion blue Yokohama.

In 2009,  moved to Gold coast Australia and I worked as an assistant manager at JFX YAKINIKU restaurant for five years  while helping "healthy Pulse" which is the only one manufacture for authentic Japanese TOFU in australia.


In 2015, moved to Sydney and joined working with MASUYA Japanese restaurant group and working as Bartender and service staff.

I also did volunteer work while working with MASUYA such as 

The Earth Kitchen Project





Started in August 2020,  "AWAMORI COCKTAIL NIGHT '' was held at GOLD CLASS DARUMA in sydney hosted by the"GOSHU KARIYUSHI KAI was always a great success. (

I was creating the cocktail menu and presented AWAMORI as a SAKE sommelier.


Let me talk about inspiration for making my sauce.

I was influenced by the fermentation culture of my grandfather's family's pickle shop, where he started his career as an apprentice at a soy sauce brewery, and by "Terada Honke", a sake brewery in Chiba that I have known since my father's generation, which produces natural sake, as well as by the method of cooking that maximizes the natural umami of vegetables(KASANENI method) ​​(

, which was passed down from Mr. Ogawa in Nagasaki to Mr. Funakoshi and Ms. Toneri.

I owned and operated the business 'Imamura sauce and dressing' which was established in July 2020. My recipe is a daily basis to preserve the quality and integrity of seasonal organic ingredients by enhancing their flavour to give all customers, who have and don't have an allergy, a true taste of what organic vegetables have to offer. Through this business I want to support organic farmers who are dedicated to providing safe and tasty vegetables to us.

And most importantly, our dressing and sauces are safe and tasty for everyone including children!!

By the way, When I was University student, I learned that safe, secure, organic farming or agriculture has been disappearing in recent years due to the fact that once it develops GMO crops internally, its GM food production will rapidly increase. In my experience, buying and using organic vegetables and fruits promotes a less toxic environment  for all living things. Artificial pesticides can stay in the soil for a long time and then they eventually enter food and then build up in the bodies of animals and humans.

In my experience, those foods grown with artificial pesticides cause health problems such as hay fever, sneezing and itchy eyes.  So I recommend eating seasonal organic vegetables and fruits and this is the key to being healthier and to taste truer flavour.      

With my dressing and sauce, I would like to introduce Japanese traditional food culture which is fermentation and Koji. I believe my products will help you become healthier and happier.

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