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Our original Onion and Garlic Japanese dressing  is made with organic onions and garlic, seasonal hand-pressed organic citrus juice, traditional Japanese seasonings such as plum vinegar, brown rice vinegar, tamari soy sauce(Gluten free soy sauce), and Celtic sea salt.

This celtic sea salt is a sun-dried sea salt from Guerande and ​​which has been produced in the same way for over 1000 years in France. 

The plum vinegar used in this dressing was produced during the process of making Japanese umeboshi sour plum pickles. 

It contains antibacterial properties and, like the onion and garlic in this dressing, can help to improve gut health and your immune system.  


Onions and garlic contain a variety of nutritional components with high health benefits, such as immunity-boosting, antioxidant, and antibacterial properties, which are better absorbed when taken raw with oil.


Onions are also the number one ingredient for removing toxins from the body.

Onions contain all the four major elements necessary to remove toxins from the body: catching them, making them easier to discharge, expelling them, and strengthening the liver.


The original dressing(今ドレ:IMADORE) series, which is delicious and has excellent health-promoting functions, is an all-round dressing that can be enjoyed not only with vegetable dishes but also good matching  with tofu, meat, fish, and egg dishes.


No preservatives or other chemical ingredients are added,

However, the use of sterilizing plum vinegar and brown rice vinegar gives it a high shelf life.


My dressing recipe has less of the sour taste of vinegar so it's easy for children to eat.

Many customers have told me that 

"overcomes my dislike of vegetables."

"My kids are eating salads now!

Onion and Garlic Japanese Dressing - Original flavour

250 Grams
  • Ingredients :

    rice bran oil, organic onion, plum vinegar, tamari soy sause, organic brown rice vinegar, organic raw sugar, organic fresh citrus juice, organic garlic, celtic sea salt, white pepper

    Contains : Soy

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