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Japanese BBQ Yakiniku sauce 


Our flavourful BBQ yakiniku sauce contains onion, garlic, apple, lemon, red wine and sesame oil. All the ingredients above are organic. This sauce is very rich and can’t be found in many shops. 

This sauce is additives free and gluten free. 


The key for the amazing flavour is the homemade tamari koji which has rich, deep and mildly sweet taste. It also breaks down proteins and make meat and fish tender and moist when marinated. 


This award winning sauce is a special collaboration with Melbourne's popular yakiniku restaurant, “Ichikuro” This sauce allows you to enjoy the taste of authentic Japanese yakiniku at home.


It can also be used as a steak sauce, stir-fry, seasoning for fried chicken, dressing for salad, GYUDON beef bowl , and as a secret ingredient in curry and stews.

Imadare Japanese BBQ YAKINIKUsauce

$14.00 Regular Price
$10.00Sale Price
200 Grams
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