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Gluten free

Vegan friendly


 My recipe is a daily basis to preserve the quality and integrity of seasonal organic ingredients by enhancing their flavour to give all customers, who have and don't have an allergy, a true taste of what organic vegetables have to offer. Through this business I want to support organic farmers who are dedicated to providing safe and tasty vegetables to us.


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Selected Ingredients

​Our nutritious Onion and Garlic Japanese Dressing

​Made from local NSW organic onions and garlic, seasonal hand-pressed organic citrus juice

from True Blue Organics

Our Tamari Gluten free soy sauce, Plum vinegar, Organic brown rice vionegar from spiral foods

The original dressing(今ドレ:IMADORE) series, which is delicious and has excellent health-promoting functions, is an all-round dressing that can be enjoyed not only with vegetable dishes but also good matching  with tofu, meat, fish, and egg dishes.

No preservatives or other chemical ingredients are added,

However, the use of sterilizing plum vinegar and brown rice vinegar gives it a high shelf life.

My dressing recipe is less of the sour taste of vinegar so easy for children to eat.

Many customers have told me that 

"overcomes my dislike of vegetables."

"My kids are eating salads now!


We are always challenging and created to encourage people for healthy and safe.


Our Special Recipe

We would like to introduce

our special recipes

for all our customer to enjoy our products at home!


You can find us all around Sydney!!

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See the list of the shops you can get our products. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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